BRC and IFS Certifications

The main reference market for food processing companies is large-scale retail trade, which has introduced its own quality standards (including BRC and IFS) that processing companies can choose to comply with, subjecting themselves to strict and rigorous controls.

These standards were developed by the main associations of English (BRC – British Retail Consortium) and German distributors (IFS – International Featured Standards) in order to define the quality requirements that food suppliers must comply with in order to access their respective markets.

Both the BRC and IFS standards envisage that a food processing company:
a) implements a hygiene self-monitoring system (HACCP),
b) implements a quality management system,
c) manages production processes through specific procedures,
d) defines a process monitoring and control system,
e) manages resources (both human and technological),
f) carries out periodic staff education and training,
g) complies with environmental regulations,
all in addition to total compliance with current national and European regulations related to food safety and hygiene (labelling, traceability, etc.).

Considering that our company exports its products to various foreign countries both inside and outside Europe, in 2004 it decided to obtain certification for both of the product certification standards proposed by the retailers.
The company has always passed the scheduled annual checks, demonstrating its complete compliance with the two standards which international certification bodies have always recognised as being of the highest level.

Organic product certification

The Company has requested and obtained compliance with Reg. CE 834/2007 for its own wine production as well as its production and commercial processes, having scheduled, periodic checks carried out.