Metodo Classico TrentoDOC

Cesarini Sforza Brut Rosé

Trento DOC

It is made from fine Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes grown in the most suitable hilly plots surrounding the city of Trento.

A refined, silky and complex Metodo Classico. Cesarini Sforza Brut Rosé is vinified in steel and after the draught it begins its stay on the lees for 24 months. The iridescent colour, the clear and fragrant scents and the seductive perlage enhance its finesse and elegance.

Cesarini Sforza Brut Rosé encapsulates the climate, altitudes and essence of its territory of origin.

  • Vine

    Chardonnay and Pinot Noir

  • Production Area

    Avisian Hills and Cembra Valley

  • Exposure and altitude

    South, south-east; 350-700 m ASL

  • Soil

    Structured, loamy-clayey deep soils, rich in dolomite stones (Werfen siltstones); some less structured shallow soils of white and grey limestone debris, well drained and porphyritic

  • Harvesting period

    From the end of August to the start of September

  • Fermentation

    100% in stainless steel tanks

  • Maturation on yeasts

    24 months

  • Alcohol

    12,5 % vol

  • Organoleptic features

    In the glass, the colour is reminiscent of fresh roses and to the nose there are recognisable notes of small red fruits, with nuances of spices.

    On the palate the sapid freshness of the Chardonnay and the complex fruit of the Pinot Noir give this Metodo Classico unique characteristics of drinkability, silkiness and elegance.


  • Falstaff Rosé Italia Trophy 2024 - 91 PTS

    Vintage nv

  • IWSC 2024 - Silver

    Vintage nv

  • The Global Rosé Masters 2024 - Silver

    Vintage nv

  • Berliner Wine Trophy 2024 | Winter Tasting - Gold

    Vintage nv

  • Guida Prosit Onav 2024 - 2 Prosit

    Vintage nv

  • Vinous - Eric Guido's Italian Sparkling Wine - 90 PTS

    Vintage nv

  • Luca Maroni Annuario 2024 - 92 PTS

    Vintage nv

  • International Rosé Championship 2023 - Gold

    Vintage nv

  • Berliner Wine Trophy 2023 | Winter Tasting - Gold

    Vintage nv

  • Mundus Vini Summer Tasting 2022 - Gold

    Vintage nv

  • Luca Maroni Annuario 2023 - 91 PTS

    Vintage nv

  • Berliner Wine Trophy 2022 - Gold

    Vintage nv

  • Guida Luca Maroni 2021 - 90 PTS

    Vintage nv

  • Mundus Vini 2020 - 87 PTS

    Vintage nv

  • International Championship Rosé 2020 - Silver

    Vintage nv

  • Guida Vini Buoni D'Italia 2020 - 3 Stelle

    Vintage nv

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