Metodo Classico TrentoDOC

Cesarini Sforza Le Premier

Trento DOC

Made with Chardonnay grapes grown in Trentino vineyards perfectly suited to the variety, in that geographically delimited area known as Trento DOC. When applied to this precious base, the Classic Method brings out a harmonious and elegant sparkling wine. Premier Brut is left to age for at least 24 months in dark, quiet cellars until it acquires that definitive aroma and flavour it is best known for.

  • Type


  • Grape variety

    100% Chardonnay

  • Production area

    Trento DOC Hills

  • Exposure and altitude

    South, southeast; 450-700 m above sea level

  • Soil composition

    Well-structured plots with deep sandy loam rich in loose river-glacial soil caused by the decomposition of poorly-formed, sandy, porphyritic rocks.

  • Planting method

    Guyot, simple Trentino pergola

  • Planting density

    4,000 vines/hat

  • Winemaking

    Harvested by hand the first ten days of September, soft-pressing of whole grapes, static decanting of the musts,
    Controlled-temperature fermentation in stainless
    steel tanks, refined on lees for about 6 months.

Technical sheet